Elevated Services

DAS / Small Cell

DAS and small cell have very similar functions but have a few critical differences.  It was a common opinion that small cell would take over and make DAS obsolete, but that is not the case.  In DAS, multiple carriers can use a shared system along with multiple frequency bands.  DAS is also a transport based system using fiber to remotes at high RF output.  In small cell, you are limited to one or two bands and it is a one-carrier system with low RF output.  Both are very useful depending on your coverage and capacity requirements.   At Stratos, we have focused our resources and growth in DAS and small cell design and implementation.


InspectionsDesign & Engineering

RF coverage and capacity have become priority with the increase of users that demand seamless voice and data connectivity in every corner of the world.  To support our customers growing needs, we staff in-house certified RF design engineers that will design your DAS or small cell network at any level.  The design portion is the most important phase of the project.  At Stratos, we can assure you that our attention to detail will surpass your expectations.



Head End / Remote I&C

Our highly motivated team of technicians will install and commission from the head end to the remote and final components with quality aesthetic pleasing precision.  We are partnered with the top OEM’s in the industry.  As an OEM VAR(Value Added Reseller), we have the best product support teams in place that answer the call 24/7/365.



System Optimization and TroubleshootingMaintenance Troubleshooting

Whether it is a Stratos installed system or not, we will make sure you are getting the maximum throughput.  With the addition of LTE and AWS, intense usage has been put on DAS and small cell networks.  Your initial design or current configuration might not be adequate or you could have a simple attenuation issue.  Our technicians will efficiently optimize and, if necessary, troubleshoot your system with real-time results.